Team Camp/ On the Road

Last week, Hagens-Berman held our first team camp of 2015. We learned about all of the products we’ll be using this year. I won’t go through and explain all of them right now, but I think I’ll highlight different ones throughout the year on this blog. What I can tell you is we will be rolling absolutely top notch gear. For a u23 team to have Protour level gear is a big opportunity and we’ll strive to repay that investment.


Gear from Oakley, Giro, Castelli, Powerbreathe, and Redcord

This was the scene as we tore into our new equipment.

The most important thing about any team camp, however, is getting to know each other and building a good team spirit. We did a few activities to work on this, from making a human pyramid to doing an hour long puzzle challenge. We’ll get to know each other better on the bike at our next camp in California.


Visiting the offices of Hagens-Berman


Team selfie

Since the camp, Thorsten (my teammate) and I have driven across the country and met up with the team, raced Valley of the Sun, and now a few of us are settling into host housing outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Now I’m looking forward to a a good block of training in the warmth. I already went on a good ride today. It took me a while to find my way out of a seemingly endless sea of dead ends and confusing neighborhoods, but I eventually found my way out to a nature preserve and got to rip around on some dirt roads. To find my way back, I ran Google Maps through my headphones so my phone just read me the directions for when to turn.


Riding near Venice Beach in LA

Starting a time trial

I’ve had a busy few weeks so settling into a good training routine and preparing for big objectives like Redlands in April is the focus of the next month.

Most of these photos are by @coffeeintheam.


I found a cool rock


Some of the roads I found

3 responses to “Team Camp/ On the Road

  1. Very cool footage and sharp, concise writing. What an opportunity! A lot of work and a lot of fun, I bet! Go get it and
    Make the most of it.


  2. Hey! I’m enjoying your blog, but for us non-cyclists, I hope you will take some time to explain some basic stuff to those of us trying to learn about this. Like u23, as a specific team designation. I’m sure it means something. I’ll have to make up my own idea of why it is relevant to mention unless you tell me a little something about it!


    • Hi Sandra,
      U23 means under 23 years old, so my team is strictly 19-22 year old riders. This means at a few races, like nationals, we only race people our own age, but most of the time under 23 is a “race within a race” at the larger races. The best u23, or best young rider, will get a leader’s jersey that designates him as the fastest young rider in the race. It is typically a white jersey. This is to provide opportunities for younger riders to get exposure while racing with more experienced competitors. Hope this helps answer your question!


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